Miscellaneous Projects

Here are some silly one-off projects I’ve done throughout the year. These aren’t big enough projects to warrant their own entry, but they demonstrate various skills and t… who am I kidding. I already made them .gifs, so I want to put them somewhere. Enjoy!


 Nvidia FleX Particle Physics Experiments

I have been working on some personal projects involving physics simulation and deformation, so I have been experimenting with different physics simulation libraries. The most successful so far has been Nivida’s FleX, which allows for super seamless soft body physics simulation. Below are some early experiments using sphere primitives.



UE4 Dynamic Foliage Tool

I put this tool together to add interactivity to my foliage. I put together a function that takes the foliage that you paint in using Unreal Engine’s foliage brush and swaps in interactive physics objects in a radius around you. It works on a radial line trace, so any foliage within a certain range of the player character can be interacted with. Once the character moves, the dynamic foliage is returned back to its static state. This way you can have thousands of foliage actors without any slowdown.


Small-scale Planet Gravity

For this project I wanted to replicate Unreal Engine’s incredibly robust physics system around the idea of a small-form planet. I found myself taking this idea all the way to completion with a full scene including intractable objects and player controlled characters. As you can see from the images below, I was able to alter the physics of the level in order for me to run along the surface of the sphere.


RGB Aberration Material

Here’s some examples of a post process material I have been building in Unreal Engine that splits out the RGB channels of the scene diffuse and fluctuates the values based on user set variables.



Flickering Neon Material Function

Using some simple math functions and objectPosition I was able to make some nifty little flickering neon materials that offset its flickering pattern based on it’s position in the world. Because of this, I don’t have to spend time hand-setting each material instance when I’m assembling an asset with more than one flickering light.


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