Domicile of a Lonely Wizard Environment

A small environment I put together over the course of a month. All the screenshots are taken straight from the engine (UE4). All modeling, texturing, lighting, etc was done by myself. The procedural textures (walls, floors, wood) were done in Substance Designer, while the hero props (desk, armoire, book) were brought into Substance Painter. I used Marvelous Designer and zBrush for the various fabric material around the room. This was my first time working in all of these programs, so most of the time I spent on this project was learning all the different ways to not break everything! I learned so much from this project, I can’t wait to jump right in to my next project! If you have any questions about anything feel free to hit me up on twitter @grossbloy! Thanks for looking (◡‿◡ฺ✿)!

Pssst… I also wrote some breakdowns about this environment if you’re interested! You can check out all the juicy details and embarrassing spelling errors over on Cartrdge and

The finished screenshot taken directly from UE4

Some of the larger props in my environment

Some of the smaller props in my environment!

Progress Gif from graybox to finished screenshot

Candle flame material breakdown

Simple wood plank POM material breakdown

Since I have a lot of books I wanted some color variation, so I varied the diffuse’s colors a bit by the object position.

Just experimenting with some particles